Price : $24.99

150 in 1 NES Classics for GBA Nintendo Gameboy Advance multicart Collection (Grey Cartridge)

The NES Classics Collection for GBA features 150 of the best NES games in one cartridge. Includes all the Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Megaman, Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Ninja Gaiden, and Double Dragon series games. See images for the complete list.

Supports in game saves, save states (save a game at any time), autofire, and various display modes. The games are listed in alphabetical order and can be browsed one by one or quickly screen by screen.

Gameboy Advance games are region free and work in the following systems: Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, Game Boy Micro, original Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, and Game Boy Player for GameCube.


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