Price : $26.99
Brand : KevinStore

23Pcs NFC Tag Game Cards for The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Switch/Wii U Cards with Card Box (Standard)


1) IMPORTANT: The original black cards on Amazon only from KevinStore. 

2) Other Accessories in Images Are NOT Included, Game Cards and Cards Box Only! Unlimited tags per day, enjoy the fun with your friends!

How to use in wild breath:

1–Finish the first Temple challenge

2–Press “+” bottom ingame,choose “system–options”

3–Set the amibo option in “useamibo”

4–Put the card on right stick


23pcs/Pack No Repeat

No.1 Wolf Link – 20 HEARTS

No.2 Breath of the Wild – Mipha

No.3 Breath of the Wild – Revali

No.4 Breath of the Wild – Daruk

No.5 Breath of the Wild – Urbosa

No.6 Breath of the Wild – Zelda

No.7 Breath of the Wild – Link (Archer)

No.8 Breath of the Wild – Bokoblin

No.9 Breath of the Wild – Guardian

No.10 Breath of the Wild – Link (Rider)

No.11 The Legend of Zelda – Zelda The WindWaker

No.12 The Legend of Zelda – Toon Link TheWind Waker

No.13 The Legend of Zelda – Link Majora’sMask

No.14 The Legend of Zelda – Link Ocarina ofTime

No.15 The Legend of Zelda – Link SkywardSword

No.16 The Legend of Zelda – Link TwilightPrincess

No.17 The Legend of Zelda – 8 Bit Link

No.18 Super Smash Bros – Ganondorf

No.19 Super Smash Bros – Link

No.20 Super Smash Bros – Sheik

No.21 Super Smash Bros – Toon Link

No.22 Super Smash Bros – Zelda

No.23 Super Smash Bros – Young


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