Price : $6.99

Active Lancer – Mac

Join the Lancer Squad in this fast-paced action-packed shooter! A host of weapons special power-ups and tough levels makes Active Lancer a must-have for arcade addicts. An exciting straight-up vertical scrolling arcade shooter action game Join others to defeat the diabolical war machine of an alien army bent on taking over the universe Take on alien ships tanks boats and gun turrets; 15+ levels of increasing intensity 15 levels of vertical scrolling shooting; 5 bosses; 3 upgradeable weapon types; 3 different pilots 2 player over network or single computerSystem Requirements: Mac OS 8.6 9.x 10.x or later 300 MHz G3 or faster 330 MB free hard disk space 56 MB of RAMFormat: MAC 9.1-9.X10.1 OR LATER Genre: ENTERTAINMENT UPC: 080627030062 Manufacturer No: 006


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