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Agon – The Lost Sword of Toledo [Download]

Professor Samuel Hunt, a historian of the British Museum travels to remote places of the world in search of mystic ancient games, treasured by the last families who can still master them. His current destination is the historic city of Toledo in Spain, famous of traditional sword-making. On arrival he finds a diseased old friend’s daughter in desperate need of help. She is in love with a young swordsmith who has been jailed innocently for theft of a valuable sword. The Professor soon becomes aware of malicious activities going on behind the scenes. Is it family revenge? Black magic? Lost bet? Dishonest intrigue? He must solve the mystery, as the only way to fulfill his mission is to find the sword and reveal the truth. Join him now – even if you have not yet played the previous episodes. About the AGON series AGON is an episodic adventure game project by Hungarian game developer company Private Moon Studios. It is a series of games, designed by Tamas Z. Marosi (aka Pierrot), with the aim to reproduce traditional, old board games embedded in a graphic adventure game environment. All episodes feature traditional elements and motives of the native culture. So far four episodes have been published and the fifth is under development. AGON – The Mysterious Codex is a trilogy of the early AGON episodes 1-3: AGON episode 4 is titled The Lost Sword of Toledo and has been released separately. AGON episode 5 will be titled The Tales of the Four Dragons and is under development. Critic reviews “There’s a healthy serving of challenging puzzles, a rarely-seen cultural setting to explore, and Professor Hunt remains one of the more likeable (if unlikely) protagonists in the genre today…” (Adventure Gamers) http://www.adventuregamers.com/articles/view/18144/page2 “The fourth installment’s story can also stand alone – the story’s core, the search for the mysterious game of Agon, is provided with a sophisticated and exciting background story, combining crime, a great deal of mystery and a delicate love story.” ( Advenutre-Archiv) http://www.adventure-archiv.com/a/agon4reviewe.htm “ The puzzles in this game are challenging. Several of them are quite long and involved. The game encourages deductive reasoning by giving you clues that reward such thinking.” (Adventure Classic Gaming) http://www.adventureclassicgaming.com/index.php/site/reviews/567/

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System Requirements:
  • Supported OS:   [Mac Mountain Lion 10.8, Mac Lion 10.7]
  • Processor:   Mac OS X
  • RAM:   256 MB
  • Hard Disk:   1,2GB free HD space
  • Video Card:   32 MB DirectX compatible 3D video card

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