Price : $18.90
Brand : aGreatLife

aGreatLife Wooden Shut The Box Dice Game – Classic Toy


The legends tell of brave sailors and ferocious fisherman who would while away the long hours at sea playing this very game! The roll of the dice would click and clack with the roll of the waves on the ocean.

Brought from the sea, to the landlubbers, the game quickly gained popularity in local pubs and bars across France and Normandy, the classic game enjoyed by the sailors can now be enjoyed at the comforts of your homes!

aGreatLife wooden shut the box closed lid packaging multiplayer game agreatlife wooden shut the box set elegant bamboo wood dice agreatlife wooden shut the box set Elegant Design The elegant lid, crafted from high quality varnished wood keeps your game compact when not in use. This game set will retain its pristine look for many years to come! The More the Merrier Shut the box can be played by multiple players. Implement rules that add complexity to the game, such as allowing subtraction and multiplication, and creating win conditions that are not the usual fare! Strategically Random The shut the box comes with 2 beautiful bamboo dice that complements the other varnished components of the box. The classic game runs on randomness but still allows for clever strategy to complete or win!


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