Price : $8.99
Brand : Sony

Ape Escape Academy – Sony PSP (Certified Refurbished)

Specter has failed over and over again in his attempts at taking over the world, all because of a few inept apes. To rectify his problem, he decides to form the Ape Escape Academy, where he, serving as principal, will train apes to follow his will. In this story-driven mini-game collection, players can work their way up through six school years by winning wacky mini-games. Be sure to keep an eye on your classmates. They may be students they may be but these monkeys are pros when it comes to trouble and disobedience. The Quick Game function allows for easy to pick up and play game mechanic Players can replay the mini-games they have won, either to practice for the harder versions of that mini-game or to get a high score More than 300 monkey statues to collect as players go through their academic years


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