Price : $24.54
Brand : The 3DO Company

Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes 2

After being defeated, General Plastro has teamed with Brigitte Blue, a Blue spy, to get his beloved Tan army back. Once he regains control of the army, Plastro plans on eliminating Sarge and the Green army. This is the basic premise of ARMY MEN: Sarge’s Heroes 2, where you take control of either Sarge or Vikki in 16 pulse- pounding missions. Use an M-16, .50-caliber machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun, impact grenades, flame-thrower, and TNT charges to demolish the Tan army. As an added bonus, collect power-ups like damage amplifiers, rate-of-fire modifiers, and armored vests to make the killing easier. If killing computer-controlled drones is not challenging enough, use the two-player death match option to toast your friends and make them cry to Mommy. Sarge wants you to play ARMY MEN: Sarge’s Heroes 2.


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