Price : $3.27
Brand : Macsoft

Atari Arcade Classics – Mac

Breakout: Blast through pyramids, castle walls, barnyard obstacles and much more in this all-new edition of the arcade classic. Use your paddle to aim the ball and blast your way through dozens of new levels. Let nothing stand in your way in this highly addictive 3D interactive experience. Capture prizes and create as much chaos as you can! It’s great fun and competitive action for fans of the original and newcomers alike! Centipede: Meet Wally. He’s your alter ego. The ultimate everyman, a simple bean counter chosen to fly the shooter. Wally’s mission is to defend the Wee village against an onslaught of Centipedes, spiders, scorpions, fleas and other creepy-crawlies. Your mission… Help Wally destroy the Queen ‘Pede and save the world! The Arcade Classic with a whole new dimension. Pong: The first and best video game of head-to-head competition is back and better than ever! This is Pong on a whole new level with stunning 3D graphics, one of a kind game environments and multiple new worlds of fast-paced action. Play by yourself or challenge up to 3 other players. You’ll experience everything from animated penguins to a topsy-turvy playing surface. Expect the unexpected and hours of fun with Pong! System Requirements: Macintosh computer with a 400 MHz G3 or faster processor, OS X v10.1.5 or higher, 256 MB RAM, 16 MB video card, CD-ROM drive, and adequate free hard drive space (PONG-240 MB, Breakout-360 MB, Centipede-665 MB)


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