Price : $25.99
Brand : BENGOO

BENGOO Gaming Headset for PS4 Professional 3.5mm PC LED Light Game Bass Headphones Stereo Noise Isolation Over-ear Headset with Mic Microphone for PS4 Laptop Computer and Smart Phone-Camouflage


1.Lightweight design, self-adjusting head beam design
2.All-inclusive protein leather earmuff
3.Ultrathin membrance film/high-pass magnetic core/surrounding stereo subwoofer
4.High sensitivity microphone
5.Colorful and luminious LED light
6.Volume control button
7.3.5 mm international standard(CTIA) device interface
8.USB interface for power supply for the LED light


Speaker size:40mm
Sensivitity: 105+/-3dB
Frequency range: 15 Hz-20KHz
Microphone: 6.0x 5.0mm
Microphone sensitivity: -38+/-3dB
Directionality: omni-directional
Cable length: 2.1M +/-0.15
LED working voltage: DC 5V +/- 5%
Headset jack: USB+3.5mm 4 Pin
System support: The 32-bit and 64-bit Win 7/Win8/Win8.1/Win 10/XP


1.The Bengoo Gaming Headset is professional application to PS4, you can enjoy beautiful music and voice chatting simultaneously.
2.The gaming headset can also work with other 3.5mm quadrupole single plug audio device such as laptop, tablet PC, ipad,computer, mobile phone, etc. Please notice you can not use the 3.5mm dual plug (headphone and microphone jack) interface of PC at the same time.
3.The USB interface is only used for power supply to LED light to highlight the atmosphere of the game.
4.The 1 to 2 3.5mm jack cable is not included in the package

Package contents:

1 x Gaming headset
1 x Operating instruction


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