Price : $4.99
Brand : Mutated Software

Blue-Collar Astronaut (Crossbuy) (Indie) – PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita [Digital Code]

Purchasing this content entitles you to the PS3 system, PS4 system, and “PS Vita” system versions! A hovering billboard reads “Launch yourself into riches” and begs you to attend driving education. What could go wrong? Next stop: riches! Conquer 40+ diverse levels using 3 distinct ships! If that’s not enough, challenge yourself with 5 unique ways to play each level! While you’re at it, why not drink in the hand-drawn art and original sound track! Play a quick level or stay for hours. We know you’re a busy person with busy person problems! Amass a space fortune as you tackle your debts and buy the shiniest of shinies! And do all that while laughing at Newtonian physics as you orbit bodies and deal with open space! Exclamation Marks!!!!! 1 player 297MB minimum save size DUALSHOCK 4 1080p HD Video Output

System Requirements:

  • Supported Platforms: PlayStation 4   PlayStation 3   PlayStation Vita   

PlayStation account required for game activation and installation


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