Desert Strike Advance



Genre: Game Kids/Family Rating: RP Release Date: 16-NOV-2005 Media Type: Nintendo Game Boy Advanced


Strawberry Shortcake Sweet Dreams – Game Boy Advance

Strawberry Shortcake: Sweet Dreams brings back the cute young girls with the strawberry smell! In this new adventure, the sinister Purple Pieman is stealing the dreams from everyone in Strawberryland. … Continue reading


Min 369 in One 2048M Game Pack Card NDS Game for GBM GBA

Features:Support for GBM GBA GBASP NDS NDSL.Awesome 369 in 1 Multi-Cart for the Game Boy Advance featuring hundreds of awesome games like Pokemon, Super Mario Bros, Contra, Mega Man, and … Continue reading


Dragonball GT Videos, Vol. 1

The incredible adventures of Goku, Vegeta and the Dragonball team come to life on Dragonball GT GBA Video Vol. #1 — enjoy 45 minutes of non-stop, commercial-free space-based martial arts … Continue reading


Tang Tang

More challenging than its name lets on, Tang Tang is a strategic puzzle game that’s seriously fun and addictive. That’s partly because its goal is so straightforward–you must find the … Continue reading


GBA Zooo

In Zooo you’ll have to capture the escaped animals by lining and capturing 3 or more of them! This great puzzle game takes place on an 8×8 field, where your … Continue reading

AISON Chinese Version GB BOY Color-Blue (Not Official Nintendo GBC)

Plays original Game Boy cartridge games.


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Ollie, manual and grind like a pro in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. Featuring 3D free-roaming skating action, this game lets you ride with the skills of Tony Hawk or … Continue reading


Kerplunk / Toss Across / Tip It

Kerplunk / Toss Across / TipIt are three great skill and reflex games. In Kerplunk, you take your pick and pull a stick. If all the marbles fall, you lose … Continue reading


The Three Stooges


Sports Illustrated for Kids Football

Sports Illustrated for Kids: Football combines the diverse elements of player development and team management to create a challenging football game in an arcade-style format. Designed for the Game Boy … Continue reading


All Star Baseball 2003

Lead your favorite Major League players and teams through a season of baseball – all on your handheld. Select from all 30 MLB teams and more than 700 players, complete … Continue reading




Disney’s Meet The Robinsons

Disney’s Meet the Robinsons, based on the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures animated film, is a time-traveling action/adventure game. Players will experience the adventure as Wilbur Robinson, helping him chase the … Continue reading


Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go

Mojo Jojo has stolen all of Townsville’s jewels and is using them to power hordes of robotic weaponry, all in a dastardly effort to destroy the city. The Powerpuff Girls … Continue reading


Hot Wheels: Velocity X



for Game Boy Advance


Hip Hop Electronics Game Boy Advanced 369 in 1 GBA Nes Full Game Classics

369 in 1 GBA Games for Nintendo GBA SP NDS Retro GameBoy Hip Hop Electronics Multi Cartridge with Mario and Pokemon Titles from all NES systems. 369 in 1 Multicart. … Continue reading


Kong: The Animated Series


Batman Rise of Sin Tzu – Game Boy Advance

Battle the evil forces of Gotham City by yourself or with a friend. Two Players can fight the forces of evil as the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin; or choose … Continue reading


Soccer Kid


Spy Hunter

One of history’s best-loved arcade games shrinks down to fit in the palm of your hand. From the distinctive music to the climactic boat transformation, this translation does everything it … Continue reading


Medabots AX: Rokusho Version (Blue)

Medabots AX: Rokusho features popular characters and Medabots seen on the Medabots TV animated series. Create and control your own unique Medabots, Robattle or trade Medaparts with other players! Over … Continue reading


Frogger’s Adventure 2: The Lost Wand

Join one of the most famous video game characters of all time in this all-new Frogger adventure, Frogger’s Adventures 2: The Lost Wand. It combines classic arcade-style gameplay with never-seen-before … Continue reading


Cruis’n Velocity


Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition

Guilty Gear X: Advance Edition is an anime-style fighting game with engrossing story-driven action. With richly drawn characters, fluid animation, and speedy gameplay, Guilty Gear X: AE draws players into … Continue reading


Lunar Legend by Nintendo

All new character sprites, character animations, and cutscenes has been made, featuring the Lunar saga to life on Game Boy Advance;New Critical Attack System in which every character have a … Continue reading


SpongeBob SquarePants Volume 3


WormCam – Game Boy Advance


Backyard Baseball

Based on the popular Backyard sports series for the PC, Backyard Baseball lets kids create the baseball teams of their dreams. Kids will create their squads by choosing logos and … Continue reading


Pokemon Eclipse Fan Made Game Boy Advance Custom Homebrew Rare Collection Toy FREE SHIPPING

Pokemon Eclipse Awesome GBA fan made by Christos. Version 0.11 as of July 2016 so it’s quite a long game so far. This version goes up to Wisteria Town, and … Continue reading


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 (GBA)

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4 lets players take on the role of renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk and 13 other athletes as they skate through enormous free roaming levels, choose from … Continue reading


The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Game Boy Advance

The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy pits the characters from the popular Cartoon Network television show against each other in an adventure/fighting game, filled with mayhem and chaos. In … Continue reading


Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Potion Commotion (Nintendo Game Boy Advance) – Rated E

Cartridge only very clean light use and wear. No box or book.


Metroid: Zero Mission

Metroid Zero Mission – Sent to Zebes to investigate rumors of a deadly alien species, Samus meets her match in the form of the mysterious Metroids — energy-sapping creatures that … Continue reading


Shrek 2 / Madagascar:Operation Penguin

Shrek 2: Leaner. Meaner. Greener. Go beyond the film as you guide Shrek and all his pals on a thrilling, squad-based action-adventure. Voyage through familiar haunts like Shrek’s swamp. Explore … Continue reading


Stuart Little 2

In this colourful, animated adventure, gamers navigate Stuart through a variety of Manhattan locations based on the feature film’s locales. Players will interact with Stuart’s new yellow canary friend Margalo, … Continue reading


Mary Kate & Ashley: Sweet 16 GBA


Pokemon: FireRed Version (Certified Refurbished)

Pokemon Fire Red takes you into the life of a young Pokemon trainer, out to make his or her mark. Travel the countryside hunitng for Pokemon and building the skills … Continue reading


Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – Four Swords

The original SNES classic comes to GameBoy Advance. Follow Link as he travels through two different worlds to defeat Ganon.


Game Boy Advance Detective Conan – Atasuki no Monument – Japanese Import


Bratz Rock Angelz (PC) (UK)

You get the chance to live the life of a Rock Angel as you help Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin start their own fashion magazine. The search for the perfect … Continue reading


Pokemon Battle-E: Iron Defense

Must had e-reader for GBA for the product to be used.


Pokemon Rubi GAME BOY ADVANCE [Edicion Española]


Mario Bros.-e

Nintendo Mario Bros E for use with the Nintendo E-reader


Pokemon Leaf Green Version (Certified Refurbished)

Pokemon Leaf Green is a new adventure in the Pokemon world, set in the calssic Kanto region where Pokemon first took root and exploded. You’ll become an 11-year-old boy or … Continue reading



New York’s crime gangs have escalated their activities to intolerable levels, and Daredevil is out to stop them. In this action-filled sidescroller, players get to be Daredevil as he fights … Continue reading


E-Reader Animal Crossing (Series 2)


Denki Blocks

Denki Blocks is a colorful fun puzzler. You slide blocks around the board, join colored blocks together to build shapes, and solve puzzles. In tournament mode you try to solve … Continue reading