Price : $76.24
Brand : Atlus

Catherine · Full Body – PS Vita Japanese Ver.

“Catherine” which gathers hot eyes of the world now that breaks the whole world of 1 million, super-ripe evolution to “big problem work” newly full of clothes! Adventure part which gained popularity in adult taste Then, the “third Katherine” newly appeared under the main character Vincent swinging between the two attractive “Catherine”! The triangle relationship became “angular relations” of the angry world, and the new scenario · new event In the puzzle action part which increased the volume to a total of more than 500, as much as all the players can enjoy the story till the end, in addition to the difficulty degree selection which became wider, the auto play and the noisy Selectable to stage skipping! Numerous useful functions, surprising functions are attracted, beginners are accepting from users and they are satisfied with great satisfaction! Please enjoy the new story experience of “Catherine · Full Body” finally released, along with the best stimulation aged!


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