Brand : BAM!

Ecks vs Sever

Taking the role of either Jonathan Ecks, hardened FBI agent, or Sever, trained NSA killer, you’ll be immersed in a world of government conspiracy, high impact weapons, and first-person-shooter action. You must survive more than 14 intense single-player missions through seven different locations, including warehouses, hotels, bars, and government headquarters. Immerse yourself in the dynamic story mode that changes based on whether you play as Ecks or Sever, or your their way through high-adrenaline four-player action, including Deathmatch, Bomb Kit, Assassination, and Secure the Perimeter modes. A four-player multi-boot option is also available. Players master explosive weapons such as the Colt M16A2 rifle, Sig SSG 3000 sniper rifle, and the Heckler & Koch 40 mm grenade launcher.


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