Price : $89.99

Everybody’s Golf 2 (Sony PSP)

Don’t let the cheery cartoon characters deceive you, because Everybody’s Golf 2 is a game of surprising depth and challenge. It’s also proof that strolling the golfing green doesn’t have to be a dreary, ponderous trudge.
The excellent Everybody’s Golf: World Tour recently arrived on PlayStation 3, so it’s nice to see the PSP get in on some of the action. A plethora of options greets you upon booting up the (ever-so-slightly slow-loading) UMD disc: from solo play tournaments, stroke play, training and mini-games on offer, to wireless multiplayer for up to four players.
Part of the game’s addictive charm lies in the array of kooky characters, the bizarre outfits you can dress them in, and the way your skills improve over extended play. Of course, all these nice features would be for nought if the basic simulation of golf failed to deliver, so it’s a relief to find such a well-balanced game under the hood.
Players can use a forgiving arcade control system or a more technical method that requires precision and shot accuracy. Either way, it hits the sweet spot.


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