Price : $139.69
Brand : Crave Entertainment


Borrowing heavily from Japanese sci-fi animation films like Akira, Galerians is a survival horror game with a twist. As Rion, a 14-year-old boy with powerful psychic abilities but no memories, players must explore a hostile cyberpunk world to unearth clues about Rion’s mysterious past.

While gameplay mostly consists of exploration, combat, and puzzle solving, Rion’s powers add an inspired–although somewhat disturbing–gameplay twist. In order to perform psychic attacks, Rion must inject himself with various chemicals. However, excessive use of his powers have an adverse effect on his health, which forces our adolescent junkie to ingest pills to counter the side effects.

Although Galerians‘s stylized, computer-generated cut scenes give the game a cinematic feel, there’s an odd sense of discontinuity in this game. This is mostly caused by an annoying pause that occurs when your character moves between fixed camera viewpoints. In addition, there is a total lack of transitional graphics during the disc load times, which occur when Rion is opening doors and such. –Joe Hon


  • Intriguing storyline
  • Inspired–although somewhat disturbing–gameplay twist


  • Annoying pause when moving between fixed camera viewpoints
  • Lack of transitional graphics during load times between areas

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