Price : $25.00
Brand : Blizzard Entertainment

Heroes of the Storm – PC/Mac

Heroes of the Storm delivers rowdy team brawls with quick matches, dynamic Battlegrounds, and Blizzard’s trademark strategic gameplay and humor. In Heroes of the Storm, players form teams of five heroes or villains from Blizzard’s different game universes, including Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo, and battle other teams for glory in the Nexus.

With the Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack, users get a head start on their competition with 5 heroes, a hero skin, and a Golden Tiger Mount that is only available in this retail exclusive bundle.  Each of the hero, skin, and mount codes are redeemed individually, so if you already own any of these items, you can give them to a friend to help get them started in Heroes of the Storm.

This bundle includes:

  • Five Heroes: Sonya – Warrior, Zeratul – Assassin, Zagara – Specialist, Li Li – Support, and Jaina – Assassin
  • Ronin Zeratul Skin
  • Retail Exclusive Golden Tiger Mount
  • Quick Start Guide

It would cost 33,000 gold or more than $50 to buy these items individually.  But why do that when you can get all of these great heroes, plus the exclusive Golden Tiger Mount, for a great value!


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