Brand : A-Sharp

King of Dragon Pass

In this turn-based strategy game you take control of a tribe of humans in the magical world of Glorantha. Yours and many other tribes have recently migrated to Dragon Pass, a rich and fertile valley if vastly unexplored. You try to survive and thrive in this environment however you can. You can raid or fight the other tribes, trade with them or explore the wilderness around you. The future of your tribe depends on your choices. Basically the game is split into four seasons in which you can do a limited amount of things. As resources you have the land you live on, you have horses, cattle and pigs. Your tribe consists of trained warriors and farmers. The tribe is ruled by a Council of six, which you choose among a group of potential candidates, according to their abilities and the gods they believe in. There are also random events, which will force you to make decisions. Alas remember every decision has its consequences and even the most trivial choice will have repercussions in time. Also this game is based on the role-playing game Rune Quest.


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