Price : $39.99
Brand : Nintendo

Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure DS (EU Import)

Learn a method of touch typing with Pokémon through various routes and areas discovering Pokémon. The game is played with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Type the Pokémon names you see in the locations as quickly and accurately as you can.
There are over 400 different Pokémon, including Legendary Pokémon! Over 60 different courses and challenges, including deserts and forests and 180 medals to obtain (three per zone: bronze, silver and gold)

You will start to come across rarer Pokémon as you improve. Get higher scores as you improve your typing ability in each course and win Gold Medals. Increase the number of locations you can play by collecting Medals and researching lots of Pokémon.

There are more than 60 courses which contain over 400 Pokémon available in the game. Each course has its own features and targets in order to complete them, as well as three different requirements for medals such as achieving certain point scores, capturing certain Pokémon and not making any typing mistakes. Bonus courses allow more focused training on areas of the keyboard

Box Contains
Pokemon Typing Game
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard


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