Brand : Activision

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GBA)

In a nutshell:The surprise hit of 2005 is back and this time it’s moved on from the prequels and onto “proper” Star Wars. It may sound like one of the worst excesses of marketing hell but this is good enough to rejuvenate your love for both video games and Star Wars (and Lego)!The lowdown:As ridiculous as the idea sounds this is one of the few games that really can be played by all ages, from tots to grandparents – the game even adjusts its difficultly level on the fly depending how well you’re doing. The graphics are absolutely hilarious as the game pokes gentle fun at all the films and characters and uses the Lego motif so you can build new structures and objects as you go. With more playable characters than ever each now has their own special move, such as Chewbacca’s ability to pull the arms off Stormtroopers, and you can get in and out of vehicles whenever you want in some levels.Most exciting moment:The game features a large number of vehicles to drive, including landspeeders and AT-STs. You can also ride a Dewback which excretes an ominous looking brown Lego stud if you press a button…Since you ask:The all important two player co-op mode from the first game is still in the sequel, plus you can now design your own characters out of component Lego pieces. Darth Greedo, anyone?The bottom line:The Force is strong with this one.Harrison Dent


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