Price : $18.50
Brand : 2K

Major League Baseball 2K7

Product InformationMajor League Baseball 2K7 offers a true-to-life experience for every pitch hitcatch and throw — it’s true baseball from the moment you step onto thediamond. Incredibly realisticcontrols bine with the ability to build yourplayers’ skills and attributes to deliver an immersive ball game. Plus there’san even deeper Franchise Mode and an all-new Career Mode where you call theshots. Major League Baseball 2007 offers you the serious baseball action youcrave.Product Features The Swing Stick mechanic brings a new level of intuitive control — players use the Right Analog Stick to control the swing of the bat Use timing guessing the location of the pitch and swing choice are key to successful execution Payoff Pitching – Pitchers must spot their pitches correctly taking into account pitch type and break as they throw to a target area


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