Price : $36.99
Brand : Mariner Software

Mariner Software Persona 1.2 (2-Users)

The brainchild of Mariner Software resident staff, and squarely aimed at the character development space, Persona aids you in crafting archetypal themed characters and plots by using time-honored psychological principles to describe the motivations and interactions between different characterizations of people. Whether the hero of your story is a brainiac talking fish or your villainess is an outcast orphanage owner, Persona helps you explore how each the unique psychology and background of your character influences their dealings and dialogue. The character arc within a story is generally seen as a fulfillment of what a character needs to make them whole privately, personally, and professionally. Persona delves into the private and personal goals of your charater by defining what events in their life might have made them the way they are which in turn helps predict their behavior in your story. Good for ensemble casts, episodic material, feature length film, stage, or radio, Persona deals with the characters not the format in which the story is conveyed.


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