Marvel Infinity Super Hero Bundle Avengers Vision Character Figure & Captain America Civil War Battlegrounds Hero combo Pack

Disney Marvel Infinity Game Bundle
Evil forces scheme for world conquest as they pit Marvel’s greatest Super Heroes against each other! It’s an all out brawl in Marvel Battlegrounds! • Engage in 4-player combat and battle in 12 levels across 8 epic new arenas! • Customize your game with up to 6 Round Marvel Power Discs per match • Select Super Heroes and Villains from your ENTIRE collection of Marvel characters in Disney Infinity • Smash through floors, walls and tear down the environment as you battle to defeat your opponents • 28 characters to collect and more to come! Use Captain America’s shield to attack from a distance and increase the power of close quarters combat.

Vision 3.0
The brave and noble synthetic warrior fights alongside the Avengers to bring peace to the world.

Playable in Toy Box 3.0 and in an all-new Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Marvel Play Set


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