Price : $99.43
Brand : Capcom

Mega Man X5

Mega Man’s exploits have been taking place on a variety of different platforms for more than a decade, but recent attempts to bring old Mega Man into 3-D have largely been missteps. That’s why we were chomping at the bit to play Mega Man X5, because it marks a long-overdue return to MM’s 2-D roots.

Unfortunately, the game plays more like a rushed overcorrection than a nostalgic, side-scrolling romp. For example, you can now choose between three playable characters: Zero, X, and Fourth. It’s a good idea, but the problem is that the characters are so different that this option actually destroys the fluidity of the gaming experience. In the original Mega Man X titles, you couldn’t progress until you found a weapon that could be used to destroy a particular boss. In X5, bosses can be put out of their misery with the Z-Saber and the X-Buster.

But the game’s biggest problem is its difficulty. The first law of game design is that a game should provide gradual, continual challenge. X5 just keeps getting easier and easier due to the endless number of checkpoints and unlimited continues. The result is Mega Man with training wheels.

By Mega Man standards, this game is truly a disappointment. On the bright side, if you are new to the gaming scene and are looking for a simple game that will help you improve your skills, this game might be your cup of tea. For most gamers, though, X5 is way too easy! –Todd Mowatt


  • Mega Man returns to his 2-D platform roots


  • This game is way too easy, with too many checkpoints and unlimited continues
  • Text-driven cut scenes and massive slowdown problems bog this game down

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