Price : $29.99
Brand : Electronic Arts

NASCAR: Total Team Control 2006

NASCAR: Total Team Control 2006 lets you take command of the biggest teams on the NASCAR racing circuit. There’s a lot more to racing than being a good driver, and you’ll feel it all first-hand in the first squad-based racing experience. In NASCAR 06, not only will you race in the toughest and most competitive racing league, but you’ll have to manage a full crew while doing it. Use real-time voice commands to communicate with your spotters, crew chief and on-track allies. Radio teammates for assistance, take the wheel mid-race to fend off rivals, and punch your team through the pack. Succeed and you’ll be rewarded with a multi-car dynasty. Use team-related tactics on the track and good management skill off the track, to ensure victory — just like the real NASCAR pros. Test your team in real-world racing series — the Featherlite Modified, Busch, Craftsman Truck, and, of course, the Nextel Cup New moves, cars and racing techniques like draft bumping, for a new level of racing realism Use your headset to shout commands to other racers on the team, for split-second adjustments to racing strategies — but be careful, you’ll be fined if you swear a lot! As you win races in Career Mode, you’ll gain more money and new teammates to help you racing team succeed In addition to amazing single-player action, NASCAR 06 has 4-player online racing for even more action


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