Price : $40.90
Brand : Midway

NFL Blitz 2000

NFL BLITZ 2000 is the updated version of the popular NFL BLITZ. All of the arcade-style football action has returned, including seven-on-seven play, bone-crunching hits, big plays, and no referees. However, there have been several gameplay improvements. There are more plays to choose from this year, but if none of them are acceptable, create your own with the Play Editor. And, changing plays at the line of scrimmage is a breeze with the new audible system. Wisely using audibles and playing well will result in your team being “on fire,” giving your players boosted abilities. Try these new abilities out on three of your friends in the Tournament mode, or challenge all of the teams in the league in the Arcade mode. If your goal is to win the Super Bowl, guide your team to victory in the Season mode. NFL BLITZ 2000 has action so intense; your mama will feel it.


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