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Nintendo Wii ROCK BAND 3 Game Set with Wireless Guitar Drums Mic bundle kit RB3

Rock Band 3 Video Game for the Nintendo Wii along with aftermarket Rock Band instruments listed below. All instruments and game are brand new. Please note that the instruments are aftermarket controllers and NOT the OEM Rock Band equipment (Video game is the official Rock Band 3 game).

Below is a list of everything that you will receive. All components come with everything needed to play the game except a Wii remote which is required for the use of either guitar or microphone (drums do not require a wii remote):

-New Rock Band 3 Video Game with Manual and Case for the Nintendo Wii
-New Wireless Drum Kit Set complete with Foot Pedal, Drum Sticks and Drum Stand
-New Wireless Guitar with Shoulder Strap
-New Microphone


Whether it’s shredding your guitar riffs on stage, or pounding out show-stopping drum solos – you have brought your unstoppable passion to some of rock’s most beloved songs. You’ve jammed with your closest friends, and brought down the house in some of the world’s top venues. You’ve mastered guitars, bass, drums and vocals throughout your illustrious Rock Band career. Do you think you can step up with your bandmates again and take on the next challenge while conquering the music world?

Get ready to rock out like never before with Rock Band 3. Featuring a massive 83-song setlist from some of the greatest bands around the world and throughout music history, Rock Band 3 prepares you for the next step in music gaming. Sing three-part vocal harmonies with other players just like in The Beatles: Rock Band. Has anyone ever asked you why you weren’t playing a real instrument? Rock Band 3’s Pro gameplay allows you to develop musical skills through various tutorials and difficulty levels. With more music than ever before, new modes and instruments, Rock Band 3 will allow you to fully bring out your inner rock star.


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