Price : $99.95
Brand : SSI

Panzer General

As a strategy game Panzer General will challenge and stimulate your mind. Prepare for a gaming experience that will overwhelm your senses. Your eyes will revel in stunning graphics as well as authentic World War II combat photography and film footage interspersed throughout. Your ears will enjoy CD Quality music and dynamite sound effects. The year is 1939 and you are a german general with a fresh command in Poland. Anything can happen. Win and advance to the next front of your choice with your newly experienced unitsyou can advance on Norway, Belgium, France, North Africa and the Eastern Front. You could even end up on the shores of England or in America in 1945! In addition to the campaign game there are over 35 progressive scenarios which help you play independently as either the allied or axis side. Over 250 Unit Types from Tiger tanks to B-17 Flying Fortress. Includes PC and Macintosh versions as well as the complete Prima Strategy Guide Book! PERHAPS THE BESTSELLING STRATEGY WARGAME OF ALL TIME!


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