Price : $149.98
Brand : Square Enix

Parasite Eve

A fateful night at the opera house triggers in one woman the power to cause all those around her to spontaneously incinerate, and in another woman an innate resistance to the attack. You assume the role of the second woman New York cop Aya Brea as she comes to realize that the fate of humanity will be determined by her actions. PARASITE EVE offers an intriguing storyline in what Squaresoft has dubbed “the cinematic RPG.” Its gameplay blends action and horror with traditional RPG elements, resulting in a game that is best described as an amalgam of FINAL FANTASY VII and RESIDENT EVIL. PARASITE EVE uses a unique combat system where you must maneuver Aya on the battlefield as she prepares for her next attack. The end result is that combat plays out more like an action game than an RPG.


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