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Plush Toys Pickup [Download]

A new plush madness is here! The dawn of the toys!

We bet you think toys are only for toddlers, plush ones being absolute bores, right? Well, think twice, buddy – here’s Plush Toys Pickup, where you can forget about everyday routine and indulge in playing as long as you can! This yammie-game is not so simple as you think: you have to compete with the computer in throwing toys and getting bonuses! Remember what it’s like to swim in the toy ocean! However, only the fastest one will get the prize – so be the winner with the biggest number of cute toys thrown!


The point is quite simple – you have to throw as many toys into the container as possible. But it’s not just that simple – there’s a bonus under each toy, so more thrown plush cuties means more bonuses! Still think it’s not tough enough? Okay, mister, you’ve got an opponent here – the computer itself to compete with you! Be careful, but fast and attentive, and you’ll be the Plush Winner!

Its’ your time so don’t hesitate and play Plush Toys Pickup – show your reaction! These toys are shivering already!

System Requirements:
Processor:   All
RAM:   1GB
Hard Disk:   100MB

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