Price : $155.79
Brand : Game Freak

Pokemon Green (Pocket Monsters Midori) Japanese Game Boy Japan Import

Pokémon Green, which was recently available only in Japan, differs from the more familiar Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red in only two ways: there’s a slightly altered mix of rare Pokémon, and the game is in Japanese. Parents, think of this game as a way to motivate your children to study the Japanese language. Actually, the idea isn’t that far-fetched: kids who’ve mastered Red or Blue will know the game’s plot–collect all 150 Pokémon and become a Master Trainer–and will recognize all the Pokémon by sight, if not by name. Educational interests aside, just think of how cool it is to train a native-Japanese Pokémon. And think about how impressed other Pokémaniacs will be! –Michael Fehlauer


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