Price : $121.80
Brand : Bam!

Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go

Mojo Jojo has stolen all of Townsville’s jewels and is using them to power hordes of robotic weaponry, all in a dastardly effort to destroy the city. The Powerpuff Girls are hot on his tail, but the Mojo Minions are wreaking havoc, trying to block the petite heroines at every twisted turn. Equipped with the latest Mojotechnology, the Girls are forced to battle it out on land, sea, and out into space. While the battle rages, Mojo Jojo is about to get away. You’ve got to help the Girls defeat the Minions, recover the jewels, and nab Mojo before it’s too late. Townsville is counting on you and the Powerpuff Girls!

Play through seven levels, each with new robot Minions, secret warp zones, and special superattacks. The game supports one to three players.


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