Price : $83.41
Brand : Bandai

PS Vita Macross DELTA: scramble Japanese Ver.

• Limit!!!: If you fly in a dogfight PS Vita beyond the (ruby border line) fly enjoy exhilarating flight action, games of TV anime “Macross” appeared on the PS Vita! • 13 episodes of “Macross” draw up “passion diving” equipped with a “campaign mission”! • “Fighter”, “Gawoku” “Battroid” Macross unique Valkyrie three-stage variant further by making full use of the power-up! Deformation, overlook a variety of tactical situation! • “song” by the fusion! System and production enhancement of “action”, combat further enliven, immersive also significantly up! • Even from successive “Macross” series, ace pilot and diva, aircraft guest war! • Anime music to back, exhilarating dogfight can enjoy! The regular version is recorded anime music of 20 songs, it can be configured as a battle BGM in the mission.


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