Price : $439.00
Brand : Dance Dance Revolution

PS2 USB Energy Metal Arcade 3 in 1 Dance Pad with Handle Bars

DDRGame is pleased to announce the Energy Metal Dance Pad with Handle Bars. You have never seen anything like the Energy Metal Dance Pad before. The Energy Metal Dance Pad features the super-sensitive-definetely-no-more-delay technology with our brand new look and offers Three-in-One multi-platform plug that works flawlessly with the PS One, PS2,XBOX, and PC/Mac via USB. The Energy Metal Dance Pad is also compatible with the PS3 or the Wii/Gamecube with an optional adapter. The Energy Metal Dance Pad features recessed arrow buttons that accurately recreate the look and feel of an arcade platform, and they let you know exactly where you are on the pad at all times. From complete novices to experienced experts, you can now epxerience skill levels that can match your abilities. Whether you are competing against the challenges of the game or you are seeking particular opponents to match your wits and dexterity, the Energy Metal Dance Pad will provide you with a completely new and rich experience.


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