Price : $15.48
Brand : Guila

PS4 controller charger , Quad Charging Station for PS4 Move Motion and PS4 Controller of SONY Playstation 4 PS4 Slim PS4 Pro PS3

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[About Features]
Suitable for PS VR move, PS4 wireless Controller. 4 in 1 MULTI-FUNCTION: Allows you to securely store and charge up two controllers and two PS MOVE simultaneously. COMPATIBLE PERIPHERALS: 3 extra USB ports allows you to not only save your game in data storage, but also charge your handset or electronics while enjoying your game. CHARGE INDICATOR: LED light glow of the dock station to show the charging status, conveniently to remind. Charging: Red. Fully charged: Green.
QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY: Charging 4 controllers simultaneously, quick charging.
MULTI-FUNCTION: Easy to insert or remove the controllers. It can be used as a storage dock when not in use.
EASY TO USE: Put your controllers and PS MOVE into the charging dock, and plug it into any USB port or DC port from either the PS4 or PC, then it will charge.

Type: 4 in 1 Charger Dock For PS4 PS VR
Material: ABS
Input voltage: DC 5V
Charging Light: Red LED
Fully Charged Light: Green LED
[About Guila]
We always aim to provide the best PS4 for players.
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