Price : $34.80
Brand : joetsu-electronics

Psvita2000 L2/r2button Load Grip Cover Black

***Best to play the remote play and PS archive of PS4!! *** – Utility model, design rights acquired! L / R button on the structure and shape of the utility model registered “utility model registration No. 3190901” By pressing the L2 / R2 buttons for the rear panel, rear panel compatible software and remote play in conjunction with the conductive rubber in the grip, a game such as PS archive, you can enjoy even more by the comfortable. Easily released to static electricity [conductive features of the rubber], soft and excellent adsorption effect of preventing dust, sled does not occur, you will rubber in which a current flows. · L2 / R2 buttons installed for the rear panel! Equipped with the L2 / R2 buttons to the back panel can indirectly touch is the best in the game, such as remote play and PS archive. – The have-friendliness (easy to grip while extending the index finger) to pursue, is the grip equipped with a genuine just like the L2 / R2 buttons subjected to texturing the surface processing. * In one of the embossed surface treatment, by applying the pattern and wrinkles on the surface, and less noticeable scratches and fingerprints.


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