Price : $18.87
Brand : Sony

Resistance: Retribution

The Resistance: Retribution is a shooter video game designed for the PlayStation Portable platform. The story of this single-player PlayStation Portable video game revolves around James Grayson, who is on a mission to destroy an alien, who runs the Chimera conversion center, where humans are converted in to monster slaves. Grayson is left with no option but to kill his own brother, who too was a victim of this inhuman center. You as a player of this Third-person shooter game need to save the humans from becoming slaves of the alien. Use BM001 Razor and Longbow 1S-1K sniper rifle to kill more then 10 evils of this PlayStation Portable video game. Every level has 3 skill points and there are 69 skill points in all to win the game. Play this Third-person shooter game with up to eight players in five game modes. With the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller, the Resistance: Retribution lets you manage both characters and weapons.


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