Price : $7.99
Brand : MacPlay

Sacrifice – Mac

Sacrifice is a 3-D, real-time, fantasy-strategy game with heavy action and role-playing elements. Five different gods, representing life, earth, air, fire, and death, are all attempting to conquer the land and become its sole ruler. You play a wizard who may choose to follow any of the five gods, thus gaining their unique schools of spells and powers. For example, the goddess of life may provide you with healing spells, while the god of fire may give you spells with destructive magic and summoning properties. The camera is always centered on your wizard in a third-person perspective. You can summon creatures to fight for you or blast your opponents into oblivion with the use of more than 50 different spells. For every creature you kill, you must harvest its soul and sacrifice it to your god, giving you more skills and spells. Your final objective is to destroy the altar of your opponent, not just his wizard avatar, thus severing his link to his god and allowing your god to triumph.


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