Price : $33.99
Brand : Secrets

Secrets of The Lost Tomb – Fate’s Fortune

Fate’s Fortune: the fourth scenario expansion to Secrets of the Lost Tomb For thousands of years, Fate has had a plan for you. As a member of the Eternal Order of Perseus you know your destiny has been written… your path was chosen. You are tied to the ones who came before… You’re a Bastion of Hope… a Beacon in the Darkness… an Ender of Doom, a Saver of Souls, you are Fate’s Crusader… you’re on a quest… and you’re the one who can sense what needs to be done to reach your true potential. Fate cannot be chosen, it is always set and those who fight against fate betray their destiny… if destiny is betrayed then your quest becomes tainted and you may become a Traitor! “Are you brave enough to fight for your future? Are you prepared to meet your destiny when faced with Fate’s Fortune?” Contents: – 12 Custom dice – 52 Room tiles – 11 Character sheets – 8 Boss creatures – 29 Elite creatures – 38 Base creatures – 36 Tomb cards – 55 Story cards – 14 Artifact cards – 16 Soul Monger cards – 52 Items cards – 14 Companion cards – 48 Status Effects – 358 tokens – 6 plastic pegs – 24 plastic stands – 1 Comet Track – 6 A.R.M. Devices – 1 Player Reference Guide – 1 Rulebook – 1 Scenario Guide


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