Price : $2.99
Brand : Bam! Entertainment

Sports Illustrated for Kids Football

Sports Illustrated for Kids: Football combines the diverse elements of player development and team management to create a challenging football game in an arcade-style format.

Designed for the Game Boy Advance, SI4K: Football offers multiplayer support, so kids can compete against each other via the separately sold link cable. Unlike other games that sport professional league and player licenses, here kids create their own teams from scratch, choose the names and uniforms, and then trade players, if desired. The game rates athletes on strength, speed, and agility. Stats improve through play to advance the team overall.

As players improve, so do the special effects. Smoke and flames fly from the feet of a player who gets faster. That’s just the beginning–successful play unlocks secret bonuses, such as stadium improvements and rookie cards for your all-star players.


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