Price : $49.95
Brand : Midway

Spy Hunter

One of history’s best-loved arcade games shrinks down to fit in the palm of your hand. From the distinctive music to the climactic boat transformation, this translation does everything it can to replicate the original coin-op adventure, and loses none of the thrills. Driving the lightning-quick G-6155 Interceptor a vehicle that can switch from car to boat to motorcycle you’ll try to destroy the N.O.S.T.R.A. organization before it destroys you. You’ll use oil slicks, smoke screens, and missiles to knock your foes off the road, out of the air, and below the surface of the water. This version of SPYHUNTER actually serves as something of an update on the original, as there are seven real-world locales to test your resolve, and the gameplay is now mission based. The graphics have also gotten a bit of an overhaul, with visuals taking place in near 3D. Whether or not you had the pleasure of growing up with this game, there’s nothing not to love about one of the original white-knuckle spy games.


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