Price : $39.95
Brand : Atlus

Super Dodge Ball Advance

As the most malicious playground game ever (well, next to the social anxiety of musical chairs), dodge ball gets its proper, playful venue on the Game Boy Advance with Super Dodge Ball Advance. The game, based on the NES classic, takes place in the not-so-distant future when the sport of preteens has become the sport of kings and national pride hangs on the home team’s ability to triumph in the number-one worldwide sport. Gamers choose a national team and compete against eight other countries in tournament-style bouts. You can knock the competition woozy with all sorts of different moves (that slam-a-jam jump-throw is our favorite), customize your team by defining the attributes of your players, and play head-to-head against a friend’s Game Boy Advance with the separately sold communication cable.


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