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The I of the Dragon [Steam]

STEAM KEY: requires an installed Steam Client.

The world of Nimoa is as beautiful as the morning dew, but only at first glance. Under the surface of hills and fertile valleys lurks an old and eternal evil. Living as a mould, stretching threads through an infected area like deadly toadstools. The center of this “being?” deep in the under world is the giant daemon, Skarborr.


You, the player, take the role of the young, inexperienced dragon. In the role of the savior of Nimoa you move through the skies and faces all the challenges of the evil Skarborr. At the beginning of the game the player has the choice of three dragons: Annoth The Fire Breather, Barroth the magician and Morrogh The Necromancer. All three are different and all three have their own ways of dealing with the great many adversaries you will meet. You also develop the dragon’s combat abilities throughout the game to deal with the increasingly tough and resilient enemies, until you meet and conquer Skarborr himself.That is not all, you will also need to control other characters and complete important tasks on the path to overall victory: a warlord and his steed on a potentially fatal fact finding mission, the thoroughly competent hunter on a mission of delicate accuracy and selective killing and the three huge creatures and their riders in an attempt to destroy magical generators keeping the dragons away from the next big fight.Through 12 enormous and differing geographical areas the task is not only to hunt and destroy despicable monsters, but to build, maintain and defend human settlements. A dragon’s individual character, breathtakingly fluid graphics and addictively exhausting aerial combat bring you many hours of sometimes sweat generating gameplay.You will also fall under the spell of “The I of the Dragon” with its mystical atmosphere, impressive sunrises and colorful but ominous sunsets, for who knows what the night will bring.


  • A choice of three dragons each with its own abilities, based on fire, ice and acid, developing either into a battle, wizard or sniper dragon. There are no limits to the possibilities
  • 12 unique territories representing various geographical areas: mountains desserts, forests and savanna etc. Each map has over 10 square kilometers to cover
  • More than 60 spells with special effects available to each dragon
  • Real time Terra-Forming allows complete mountain ranges disappear and reappear in another location
  • Static and real-time lighting ensure the correct lighting conditions to every day and night cycle
  • Fascinating sunsets and a night sky full of stars await you
  • The Time Control-Option makes it possible to adjust “The I of The Dragon” to your own speed
  • Slow motion mode with a fascinating effect

Multi-lingual Game version: EN | DE | HU | CZ


80% – Actiontrip:Very good! […] those of you looking for an Action RPG to play that has smooth and addictive game play and a unique twist to it should definitely pick up I of the Dragon.

80% – Gameshark:I’d definitely rank this as a “must-buy” for any dragon-lovers out there […]

90% – Jdejuegos:En resumen. Un genial juego de RPG-acción con un contexto único y original; los únicos puntos en contra son su nivel de re-jugabilidad –que no es grande, y la falta de variedad y diversidad al momento de evolucionar el dragón elegido.

PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   Intel/AMD CPU @ 2.0 GHz
  • RAM:   2 GB
  • Hard Disk:   1.5 GB
  • Video Card:   3D with TnL support and 128 MB
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Additional Requirements:   Keyboard, Mouse, installed Steam Client
  • Processor:   Intel/AMD Dual Core CPU @ 2.0 GHz
  • RAM:   4 GB
  • Hard Disk:   2 GB
  • Video Card:   Shader 2.0 and 256 MB
Mac Minimum System Requirements: Mac Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   Intel Mac @ 2.0 GHz
  • RAM:   2 GB
  • Hard Disk:   1.5 GB
  • Video Card:   Shader 2.0 and 128 MB
  • Supported OS:   Mac OS Sierra 10.12
  • Additional Requirements:   Keyboard, Mouse, installed Steam Client
  • Processor:   Intel Mac Dual Core @ 2.0 GHz
  • RAM:   4 GB
  • Hard Disk:   2 GB
  • Video Card:   Shader 2.0 and 256 MB

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