Price : $50.00
Brand : EIDOS

The Unholy War

When developers blend strategy games and arcade games, the result is often a somewhat diluted hybrid that fails to appeal to either type of gamer. Miraculously, The Unholy War does an admirable job of blending both genres. The meat of The Unholy War is a lightning-quick, 3-D arcade combat engine that lets a variety of inspired units duke it out in various combat arenas. The units have strengths and weaknesses that play off one another in the ultimate game of rock-paper-scissors.

The strategy portion of The Unholy War adds an extra layer to the gameplay and complements the tactical combat nicely. Here, players move their combatants across a strategic map, attempting to place units on spots where the terrain offers an advantageous position. Units gain some extra abilities on the strategic map, which can be used to better secure a position, and when two units meet on the map, gameplay switches immediately to the arcade-combat mode where a victor is determined. It’s a challenge making certain your units are positioned correctly, and the fun explodes when you play against a friend. –T. Byrl Baker


  • Very good 3-D graphics
  • Arcade game can be played separately
  • Strategy elements add depth


  • Strategy fans may not like the steep reflex requirements

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