Price : $249.99
Brand : Conspiracy Entertainment

Tiny Toons Adventures: Scary Dreams

Tiny Toons Adventures: Scary Dreams is the latest game adventure set in Acme Acres, home of the Tiny Toons. Montana Max uses his dream ray to take control of Buster’s dreams to turn them into nightmares. Unfortunately, Buster’s buddies get caught up in the beam and pulled into Buster’s nightmares as well. It’s now up to Buster and his pals to find a way back to Acme Acres!

In a side scrolling adventure, beat your enemies by punching, uppercutting, using silly weapons, or calling one of your Toon buddies in to perform special attacks, then move to the next section. A boss battle waits at the end of each stage of bats, panthers, snakes, and the like.


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