Price : $199.00
Brand : Activision

Toy Story Racer

While Andy’s away, the toys will play–or in this case, they’ll race around in pintsize vehicles. Toy Story Racer is a kart racing game that features 10 characters from the popular film series, including Woody, Buzz, and Hamm the pig, each with his or her own unique vehicle. There are 20 racetracks and a variety of power-ups to edge you toward infinity (though not beyond). In addition to racing through film-inspired environments, players can fulfill different quests, which make the game unfold like a storybook. Success opens up further quests and characters. The game’s artificial intelligence adjusts the competitive drive of computer opponents to each player’s abilities, so younger fans of the Toy Story films who are new to video games won’t get frustrated by constantly eating Woody’s dust.


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