Price : $3.06
Brand : Sony

Twisted Metal: Head-On

Product InformationTake the destruction anywhere as the ever-popular Twisted Metal franchiseheads to the PSP with Twisted Metal: Head-On. From the inventors of thecar-bat genre Twisted Metal: Head-On provides fast-paced vehicularbat and destruction on the PSP system for an addictive pick-up and playexperience. Strap yourself into one of 14 lethal machines on wheels equippedwith machine guns turbo boosts and a special attack unique to each vehicle.Unleash your road rage on opponents in unworldly arenas filled with numerousitems of chaos including rockets missiles and napalm!Product Features 12 unworldly arenas filled with numerous items of chaos Collect an arsenal of weaponry to deliver explosive attacks Utilize advanced bo moves to confuse and disable the petition Power-ups to enhance vehicle and weapon performance Enhanced gameplay with variety of mini games


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