Price : $58.89
Brand : Nintendo

Wii Party U

Wii Party U comes packaged with a Wii U GamePad Horizontal Stand and a Black Wii Remote Plus.
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Wii Party U with Black Wii Remote Plus

Invite your friends over—it’s time to party! Your living room becomes a party playground as you enjoy time together in comically themed board games and minigames that get everyone off the couch. Every kind of party can be found in this one unique package, which includes a Wii Remote Plus as well as a horizontal stand for your Wii U GamePad.

Have fun together with this new medley of living room party games! Four game modes change up the way you play with the Wii Remote controllers* and GamePad. Attend a game show that tests how well others know you, or dance together to familiar tunes in House Party mode. If you’re just looking for a short burst of fun, look no further than Minigames mode, which features tournament brackets and a solo dojo fest. Try TV Party if you’re in the mood for a board game. You can also shut the TV off and play two-player tabletop games exclusively on the GamePad, which range from foosball to baseball to slot-car racing.

Key Features:
  • Turn your living room into a party playground
  • New ways to party using the GamePad
  • Offers something for everyone
  • New tabletop games can be played without a TV
  • Includes a Wii Remote Plus controller
  • Includes a horizontal stand for the GamePad
Over 80 all new games included!
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Safari style racing against friends and family.
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Safari style racing against friends and family.
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