Brand : Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.

WipEout: Pulse – PSP

Sony’s futuristic-racing franchise, known for high-speeds, explosive weapons, and up-tempo electronic music, takes flight for the second time on PSPs in Wipeout Pulse. There are seven single-player modes to satisfy speed-obsessed fans, including the obligatory Single Race, Tournament, and Time Trial modes. Other modes include Speed Lap, which is essentially a time trial where players have only one speed boost per lap, Eliminator, which tasks racers with literally destroying the competition, Zone, in which players try to stay alive for as long as possible, and Head-2-Head, where the player and the computer square off in a sprint to the finish line. Traditional Wipeout gameplay returns largely unmolested, though the addition of a magnetic strip feature that allows for loops, vertical drops, and right-angle turns, as well as a few new weapons, helps provide some spice to the 12 new reversible courses. The brand new EG-X team joins seven squads that return from Wipeout Pure, and those eight crews coincide with the number of wireless online players possible in both Ad-hoc and Infrastructure modes. As with all games in the franchise, Wipeout Pulse features a throbbing techno soundtrack, with 16 licensed songs from popular artists like Aphex Twin, Mason, and Loco Dice, as well as one track from electronica pioneers Kraftwerk. Sony also promises downloadable content including new circuits, new teams, and new music.


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